Jooksulint NORDICTRACK S 40 + iFit


Jooksulint NORDICTRACK S 40 + iFit

1,529.00 1,499.00



Warranty 24 months
Maximum user weight 125 kg
Speed 0-22 km / h
Slope There is no
Transport castors There is
Pulse measurement Pulse sensors in the handles
Uphill 0-12%
Engine power 3 CHP
Foldable Yes
Accessory case Yes
Quick control buttons Yes
Amortization FlexSelect ™
Tread surface dimensions 51 x 152 cm
Screen 7 “Smart HD touch screen
Trainer weight 98 kg
Additional training programs Unlimited with iFit interactive training platform (sold separately)


Ostes jooksulindi NordicTrack S 40, saate lisaks kaasa iFit virtuaalse treeningpaketi aastaks (5 kasutajat).

Paketi väärtus on 350 eur.

With iFit ® can choosing a Google Maps ™ training paths, personal training sessions with the world’s best coaches or interactive training sessions according to your preferences. You can read more about iFit here




Create a personal workout with the NordicTrack S 40 treadmill or choose workouts created by famous world coaches without leaving home. This exercise bike is a great choice for those who don’t have a lot of space but want to exercise comfortably at home. Due to its features and functionality, NordicTrack S 40 will make your workout not only useful but also enjoyable.

  • Large running area
  • FlexSelect ™ damping system
  • Convenient and functional control panel
  • 7 ” touch screen
  • Adjustable uphill 12%
  • Unlimited number of workout programs
  • An iFit ® training platform is included
  • Space Saver system (foldable) with EasyLift lifting function
  • Transport castors


Adjustable hill

Even more calories burned and the ability to train more different muscle groups – hips, buttocks and calves. All this will give you an adjustable treadmill uphill. You can increase it to 12% at the touch of a button . With the iFit ® Coach, the perfectly reproducible terrain of the terrain during the workout will provide exceptional impressions and experiences, as if you were running / walking on a real track.


Functional control panel and display

Extremely comfortable and functional 7 “screen with an unlimited number of workouts. On the NordicTrack S 40 screen you will be able to monitor all your training statistics (running speed, distance covered, calories burned), maintain a good heart rate and use the iFit ® Coach interactive training platform.



Wide treadmill

The non-slip, ultra-soft running surface of the track will ensure real running sensations. The 51 x 152 cm treadmill will allow both professional athletes and taller people with a larger stride to feel extremely comfortable. The FlexSelect ™ cushioning system under the treadmill not only provides extra comfort, but also protects the joints and spine from overload and injuries while running.



Engine and speed

The powerful 3.0 CHP treadmill engine runs quietly and smoothly, allowing a speed of 22km / h.



Extra comfort

In addition to all the listed advantages, such as a comfortable screen, a wide treadmill or a powerful engine, another advantage of the trainer – built-in even 2 speakers will allow you to enjoy your favorite music. There are integrated storage compartments for items and a drinker on the sides.



Convenient to use at home

The patented Space Saver su system with EasyLift ™ lifting function will allow the treadmill to be folded comfortably and safely to a vertical position. The treadmill is easily and conveniently transported with the help of special wheels.


Heart activity

ECG pulse sensors built into the trainer’s handles will allow you to constantly monitor and follow your heart rate during your workout.