Tarneaeg 2-14 päeva



Kokkuklapitav kvaliteetne jooksulint. Mõõdud: 176 x 76 x 133 cm. Maksimaalne kiirus: 22 km/h. Mootori võimsus: 3 HP. Võimalus muuta kallet kuni 7%. Maksimaalne kasutaja kaal 200 kg. Trenažööri kaal 152 kg. Kompuuter näitab distantsi, aega, kiirust, pulssi, põletatud kaloreid jne. Jooksuala suurus: 155 x 53 cm.


iRunning+ application requirements:

  • Android: Display resolution 1280*752, Android 4.0 tablet (10″).
  • iOS: 5.0 and higher, iPad4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad, iPad mini
  • Wi-Fi internet connection

Highly durable construction

Durability, which is ensured by the steel construction and hard-plastic side reins, represents the main feature of inCodi T5000i.

Great stability and high weight capacity

Massive construction with levelling system provides a high level of stability. Weight capacity of 200 is thus reasonable.

Rich in functions

This treadmill offers preset programs with different route profiles, FAT function for body fat measurement, HRC program, which automatically adjusts the load according to the actual heart rate, and 12 user programs for time-saving.

Tablet connection

iRunning+ application represents one of the main advantages. This application allows you to adjust the training programs, save exercise data, share the exercise data on social networks and watch actual performance (heart rate, distance, etc.).

Run anywhere in the world

The iRunning+ application allows the setting of route in almost any area of the world through Google Maps. You can run e.g. on the streets of Paris or Miami. During the training you can view real pictures of the route via Street View. Desk elevation adjusts to the actual terrain, making the run more enjoyable and real. See the whole world from the comfort of your home!


A high level of comfort, essential even for running on a treadmill, is ensured by improvements such as a touch control panel, practical fan or audio speakres for playing MP3s stored on your mobile phone.